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Inscription to the program

 Human Resources

The inscription is free, any interested company will have to express its intention to participate through and will have to fulfill the specifications below described 

 It is required that the participant companies assign a work team with one or two people for the attendance to the courses, the inventory development and the documentation of reduction projects



a) Module of Corporative Inventory 

The development of corporative inventories of GHG emissions is relevant for the company and for Mexico because it provides of information about baseline emissions and helps the company to identify the opportunities areas to reduce emissions, and for Mexico is important in order to consolidate the inventories with detailed information.

This module provides of:

a.  Training and thecnical assistance about the GHG protocol of Corporative Inventory 

b.  Calculation tools and emission factors 

c.  Design of a quality management system for corporative inventories. 


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b) Module of Reduction Project 

The Project module is focused in provide assistance to develop the documentation of reduction projects and to provide information related to market opportunities. The aim of this module is the development of capabilities at the companies to engage a credible and transparent accountability of reduction of GHG emissions 

The GHG program provides of:

a.  Trainning and technical assistance about project documentation

b.  Trainning about The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting

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