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Program GHG Mexico objective is to develop capacity at the company for

 a) Prepare effective corporative GHG inventories 

d) Quantify and document projects of reduction of emissions. 

The program provides a portfolio of resources and services including the qualification and tools of calculation, it facilitates the effective management of GHG  as corporative scale as to project scale; what allows the participant: 

-                To evaluate the risks and opportunities related to GHG 

-                To identify measures of efficiency and preservation, and

-                To evaluate projects of GHG reduction. 

Program GHG Mexico helps the participants to position themselves at a competitive level in a world more and more restricted in GHG emissions, helping them in its management of these emissions and with its participation in carbon markets through an action and learning process. At the same time, the Program helps to increase the related institutional capacities for the climate activities at the governmental organizations and nongovernmental organizations, as well as to increase the spreading of information required from the stockholders and other actors of the society.






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